We are a registered vendor in various state and county governments throughout the United States  
Smile Over 27 years experience:  
  • Keynote speaker
  • We facilitate effective meetings for leadership that build community partnerships 
  • Staff training sessions - Certificates and CEUs
  • Improvement of agency performance standards
  • PreService and InService Training
  • Training sessions incorporate state competencies and educational standards
  • Interactive workshops that build excitement
  • A comprehensive training program that is affordable
      *Some of our Ohio clients want their staff to receive professional development certificates - We are a level 3 approved training organization - Ohio Professional Registery
  • Community Action Agencies  
  • Early Head Start/Head Start Programs: We have another site linked to this one for our Community Action and Head Start customers. It is www.posipowerworks.com 

  • DHS/Department of Human Service
  • Children Service Agencies
  • Daycare & Childcare Agencies
  • Public and Private Schools
  • Public and Private Sector - H.R - New Hire - Onboarding 

Our Customers Deserve the BEST
July 31, 2019 - Central Kentucky Head Start

This is our original website.  We have another site linked to this one. It is www.posipowerworks.com and is for our Community Action and Head Start customers.  We are proud of our outstanding reputation for creating a positive atmosphere. The PosiPower Concept asserts that: "All elements of training begin with self." We emphasize the importance of maintaining a positive self-image when serving others. This concept is what makes our training unique. Over the years, we discovered that employees who feel good about themselves and their contribution to the organization, they are more receptive to meeting customer needs. Without a doubt, they provide the BEST service. Individuals who know how to maintain a positive self-image make the best CEO's, directors, supervisors, managers, workers, teachers, and parents. We believe in PosiPeople. This is why each training session begins with the self-esteem component, "Why be Positive?" This statement sets the tone for great interactions, and we believe in respectful interactions.

PosiPower training sessions are customized for your team and are thorough in the following core training areas: Customer Service Training, Conflict Management Training, Team-Building, Stress Management, and Racial Sensitivity and Diversity Training.
We are educators with courses designed to meet the needs of Community Action Agencies, Department of Human Service Agencies, Head Start Programs and other educational programs.  We serve a variety of public and private organizations and companies throughout the country. This includes trainings and workshops specifically designed for directors, administrators, social workers, staff, and for foster and adoptive parents. Additionally, we provide service to academic and educational institutions.   
Click "Our PosiPower Customers" tab on the left to view our extensive client list.  And be sure to check out our "featured photos" section.  We love to showcase our customers.  Participants leave our sessions with a renewed sense of commitment and enthusiasm for themselves, their workplace, and for their lives in general.

Our Mission is to:
  • Promote excellence and increase productivity   
  • Improve customer service and satisfaction 
  • Build stronger human service teams and enhance leadership skills  
  • Improve attitudes by teaching positive concepts
  • Reduce resistance to change  
  • Minimize stress in the workplace and at home
  • Promote diversity and cultural competence
  • Teach positive techniques that resolve interpersonal conflicts
  • Create a positive work environment 
  • Improve academic performance
  • Create a positive balance between work and family